Parrot Name: Timneh
Age:   14 months old
  Gender:    Female
  Price:   $1000 USD
  Available:   Yes


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We also have african grey parrots . We raise all our chicks living in our house with us where they get lots of attention. All the parent birds and chicks have full flight (no wing trimming) which keeps them healthy, happy, and confident.

African grey parrots  for sale

Buy African Greys Parrots online, African grey parrots  for sale. they Talks sings , says bye when going out and even shouts when teas ready ! BUT does have a naughty side and can be quite rude with their choice of words !!! Swearing ! Steps up when told by my partner (man) to come out of cage .

Full flight
Hatch cert
Dna male
Speaks loads
Tame will sit on your shoulder and loves tickles beautiful bird


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